Momentum: Crave

At Gateway Church in Austin we continued our new series Momentum which is about overcoming our issues and struggles.  This week Rick Shurtz shared.  Here are some of his insights:

“This series is not about “making a list and just doing it” series. We tried the list before (the 10 Commandments) & all of us have broken them in spirit or in full.

A list or command or rule doesn’t fix the cravings we all feel. Our desires are what inform our decisions.

Last week we talked about admitting we have a problem & need help. We simultaneously like and dislike the things we desire.

The greatest resistance to gaining momentum may not be admitting we have a problem, for some of us the issue is actually we still want what we crave even if it is bad for us.

James 4:1-2 Conflict is a result of the desires which battle within us.

The Buddhist approach is to try to eliminate the desires.

Jacob & Esau were born into a culture where birthright meant everything. “Hairy” likes to hunt & “Deceiver” likes to cook. Gen. 25:31 “Give me your birthright & I will give you some stew.” Esau gave up something extremely valuable for a quick fix.

When we are exhausted or overwhelmed, what do we go to for that quick fix? Food, Internet, spending, pleasure, danger?

Prov 20:5 Our heart is deep waters but it takes insight to draw it out.

Scripture does not call us to eliminate our desires but calls us to direct or desires towards that for which they were made.

1 Peter 5:7 We should want peace and we should seek God for it!

Phil 3:19-20 “…their god was their stomach….” Instead of going to God we go to the pantry.

1 Cor. 2:9 God has prepared more for us than we could ever imagine!

We need to be willing to give up the short term fix for the better future? Do I want to have a better Friday night or do I want a better

A microscope magnifies something small. It takes something out of reality to be able to see it. A telescope magnifies something huge
that is far away & brings them closer to reality. Do we want to make something small into a big thing or connect to something Bigger than

Matthew 7 There will be some people who acted like Jesus was their God, but their god was really something else.

Lk 4:18 Jesus wants to free us to become the people we were created to be!

Why do I keep going to the wrong stuff instead of towards God to meet my desires?

How can we become more passionate for the things God has for us than for the desires which pull us away?”

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