“Haiti: A Year Later” by Chris Marlow

Haiti: A Year Later” by Chris Marlow of Help End Local Poverty, a non-profit based out of Austin.
“It seems rather strange that it’s been one full year since a massive earthquake rocked Haiti.

Since that earthquake, Haiti continues to be dealt blow-after-blow. Political unrest has caused little rebuilding efforts to take place. Cholera has spread throughout the country. For over a week, Haitians were being pestered by a potential level four Hurricane this past November.

It’s hard to find clean water, food and shelter. Education and job opportunities are still hard to come by.

And yet, Haitians continue to fight and struggle to move forward. Inch by inch, they claw, scratch and push to help create a better future.

January 12, 2010, Haiti was a changed nation. January 12, 2011, Haiti has become a symbol to the world. A people who simply won’t back down, give up or quit.

Today we mourn the loss of many, we’re frustrated at the lack of progress for Haitians, and yet we can’t help but take a moment and thank the Haitian people. They are brave, their resolve seems to be unmatched, and their willingness to move forward is stunning, convicting and simply amazing.

We heard from our Haitian friend and partner, Pastor Jean Alix, today. He shared his thoughts with us as he reflected on this past year:

For me it is very hard to even think about what happened last year. This morning I cried just listening to the news. It is very difficult for our brothers and sisters in Haiti that lost all they had – family, houses, jobs, friends and even dreams….

When I look back after one year, I see a lot of good and bad things.

Good things: I saw a solidarity between Haitians that I’ve never seen in my life.
I saw revival in the churches as never before.
I saw the world come and help Haiti.

But the bad things:
Lots of people and organizations take advantage of the situations of the people – both Haitians and people or organizations from other countries.
Lots of people are still in some bad situations even though they should have been helped, but no one cared for them.
Our government doesn’t do much.
There are still dead bodies under the debris.
People still in tents.
The sanitary condition of the people is very critical…

We will continue to partner with Haitians, including Pastor Jean Alix, in 2011 to help bring restoration and renewal to the nation.”

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