Gateway’s Internet Pastor Interviewed in USA Today

My new friend (although we’ve been virtual friends for the past several years) Vince Marotte was interviewed by USA Today for an article on using the Internet to help people spiritually. Here is an excerpt from the article:

‘Vince Marotte, Internet pastor for the non-denominational, 5,000-member Gateway Church in Austin, launched its website two years ago. It invites people to submit a 400-character prayer (slightly less than three Tweet-lengths), by first name only, at

The site has handled more than 300 requests so far.

It promises, ‘Share with us where you are struggling to connect with or follow God and Gateway Church will pray for you.’

‘Our Web page is an extension of everything we do,’ says Marotte. It also offers live chat online prayer available a few hours a week, ‘just like when you go to church and there’s someone there to pray with you.'”

Read the rest of the article here.

What are other creative ways you’ve seen people build community on the web?

  • Vince

    Thanks for the love man!

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