Life’s Toughest Questions (by Erwin McManus)

A new virtual friend of mine (Mark Howell) wrote a fantastic review of some great new material that has come out from my friend and mentor, Erwin McManus.

If you haven’t heard the Life’s Toughest Questions series before, it is one of the best message series I have ever heard in my entire life! Erwin does a remarkable job of communicating some of the essentials in ways that people of faith and skeptics can both appreciate.

Mark Howell writes:

Erwin McManus is easily one of the most engaging speakers today.  Whether you catch him at Mosaic or at a conference…you’ll find yourself leaning forward in your seat, straining to catch every line, desperately trying to remember the phrase while you frantically try to write it down.

At least for me.  I love listening to him and have found myself challenged many times by his radical, barbarian-way, style of communicating.  And if you’ve found him engaging, you’re going to love Life’s Toughest Questions from Lifeway’s Platform Series.

A 6 session, DVD-driven study, Life’s Toughest Questions leverages the provocative teaching style of a great communicator.  Pulling no punches, McManus does what can only be done by someone who leads a congregation like Mosaic (now 7 locations in Southern California), designed to reach a broken and fragmented humanity, helping it become a work of beauty under the artful hands of God.

The six topics covered in Life’s Toughest Questions are:

Each session is anchored by an 18 to 25 minute DVD segment (the average viewing time is about 20 minutes) featuring a portion of a weekend message.  Although I’m generally an advocate of shorter video segments, I found myself completely engaged in even the longest segment.”

Read the rest of Mark’s review here.

For more on the materials, go to Lifeway’s site here.

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