American Innovation

Recently, I showed the kids a video clip of a dance team from France which was truly impressive. La Preuve Par 4 are talented!

One thing that struck me was how much the dancers (and the world for that matter) has been influenced by innovations introduced in the USA (both the good ones and not so good ones).  The music, the jeans, the dance style, the hats, and so on were invented in America.

Watch here:

The other night, we watched an episode of The Office in which the Dunder Mifflin employees expressed their fears about the rise of China (other than Oscar). Walking through the airport the other day I couldn’t help but notice book after book which seemed to be addressing the fears Americans have in these uncertain times. Most seemed to promise a darker future – except for one. One book promised our way out of this recession would be through innovation.

Do you think the American economy can rebound as a result of the innovations of our corporations and non-profits?

For your organization, how have you seen innovation bring hope for your future? Have you created an environment at your company, non-profit, or church where people are encouraged to try new things? How has this kind of environment hurt your organization? How has it helped your organization?

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