Whiteboard Sessions (Details & Free Pass Giveaway)!

On May 11th, I will be in Atlanta for the Whiteboard Sessions. I interviewed Jason Young to find out more about this unique event. Our conversation is below:

Me: For those who don’t know, tell us about the Whiteboard Sessions?

Jason: There are one day events. There are events with numerous presenters given long and short times to speak. There are affordable conferences. Why not allow all of these elements to converge on to one scene…the Whiteboard Sessions. We also strive to provide a helpful post-event growth strategy for both individuals and leaders. We believe that an event challenges you and a process changes you. We provide both.

Me: Who should attend this event in Atlanta?
JY: Leaders in the church that find ideas and/or strategy necessary for Kingdom advancement. I have found after working in the local church that you’re either an idea or strategy guy. I want to bring both types together for conversation.

Me: What do you hope people will get out of the upcoming experience on May 11?
JY: I desperately want attendees to find one thing that could help them in their place of ministry. Just to have talking heads is not what changes things. The convergence of the right presenters, with the right message, with the needs of the influencers in mind, and in a safe environment where significant conversations and meaningful relationships can take root.

Me: What is the best way to maximize the experience for those who will attend?
JY: Have healthy expectations. A conference will not fix everything at their church. The influencer is key to the whole process. The event is the challenge. By the way, creating momentum is a process. I want church leaders to know that we are working hard to provide a simple, memorable, and meaningful experience. We want the influencer to pick-up the tool that is most helpful to them and most applicable to their context.

Me: Before or after this event, are there other events or opportunities that would help leaders?
JY: Yes. I am a believer in aggregating great content. Therefore, we will find and provide resources that would most readily speak to our audience. Everything can be accessed through our mobile app that will launch on May 1. Know this: our goal is not to overload influencers with information. We want to be selective in the limited amount of tools that we provide. Why? We want to strip complexity and volume. We want to implore influencers to think about simplicity and smaller amounts of content flow.

Me: What is one fun element that everyone will experience?
JY: Hmm. It is a secret. I will say that every person will receive their very own whiteboard and marker when they arrive. No joke.

Me: Is there a discount code that will help everyone save money?
JY: YES. Use SAVE10 and they will get $10 off every ticket. Their is a deadline coming up and prices will increase. They should buy their ticket soon! Check out www.thewhiteboardsessions.com for details and registration.

To win one of two free passes, send me an email at eric.bryant@gatewaychurch.com or leave a comment below sharing what you’d like to learn. I am grateful for Jason’s generosity with those who come by my site! Hope to see you there!

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