Teleseminar Today & Book Giveaway!

Our next Teleseminar will feature two friends from my days in Los Angeles who are involved in the world of entertainment and sports.

Join us today from 1-2pm (Central Standard Time), on Wed., March 30th!

1pm Mark Joseph

Mark is a filmmaker (latest project Doonby), creator of Bully! Pulpit, contributor to the HuffingtonPost, and author of The Lion, the Professor and the Movies: Narnia’s Journey to the Big Screen.

1:30pm (CST) Batting Stance Guy

The Batting Stance Guy will share with us how he has been able to take the least marketable skill America (batting stance impersonations) all the way to The Late Show With David Letterman and a book deal (Batting Stance Guy: A Love Letter to Baseball).


We are giving away 2 more copies of each book during the Teleseminar. Listen in to win!

So far, the winners for Mark’s book include: Josh M., Howard S., Bruce B., Tom R., and Larry B.

The winners for Batting Stance Guy’s book include: Chris T., Daniel B., Steve T., Virginia A., and Taya B.

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