Predicting the Future

Recently John Burke from Gateway Church shared a fascinating story from U.S. history I had never heard. He explained:

“Humans aren’t too good about knowing what the future holds. For instance, in 1875, the Director of
the U.S. Patent Office resigned, complaining in his letter to the government that ‘there’s nothing left to invent.’
Except the car, airplane, TV, cell phone, computer, and most-glorious invention of all—the microwave dinner.

Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM in 1943 said, ‘I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers.’

In 1981, Bill Gates declared, ‘640K of memory should be enough for anybody.'”

Need any more proof? If so, just consider your NCAA tournament brackets! Even the “experts” cannot seem to get their picks right either. No one thought VCU should have even made the tournament, and now they are playing in the Final Four!

So what should we do about the future? Hide from it? Try to avoid it?

We can create a better future when we learn to thrive even in the midst of ambiguity and uncertainty.

More on this in the near future….

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