Connecting Deeply With Others

When asked the greatest commandment, Jesus couldn’t respond with just one.

In addition to loving God fully, He added: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We cannot fully do one without the other. We cannot fully love God unless we love the people in our lives. At the same time, let’s be honest, without God’s help, it is hard to love people sometimes.

If you were to measure the quality of your relationships with others, how would you rate yourself? Are you isolated from others? Are you superficially connected with others? Or are you connecting deeply with others?

With summer around the corner here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have the opportunity to take our relationships to the next level. Have people over for dinner and find out about their hopes, dreams, and struggles. Often people are more willing to share about their own lives when we are willing to share about our own in an authentic way.

In connecting more deeply, we can be there for others when they are in need, and we can have the support from others when we need it. Maturity is demonstrated by our willingness to ask others for help.

What has helped you move to a deeper place in your relationships?

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