An Unlimited Resource: Effectively Recruiting Others (re-post)

One of the most difficult traps to overcome in ministry is trying to do everything by yourself. This doesn’t have to be that way, in fact, it shouldn’t be that way. For more info, read An Unlimited Resource:Effectively Recruiting Others

“Overwhelmed with the details associated with pulling off a college retreat, I was desperate. We had multiple services happening in different locations, so I could not physically be in two places at once. I needed a volunteer.

I didn’t think I could find someone who would take care of retreat registration as well I would do it. What if they wrote down the wrong information or couldn’t answer questions asked by those who were interested in going? What if they were late or didn’t even show up at all?

In the midst of this challenging ministry moment, in a hallway on a Sunday morning, I discovered the solution… [ read the full article here ]

What are some of the best ways you’ve been able to recruit others to your cause?

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