Teleseminar with Jason Jaggard, Founder of SparkGood (6/29)!

Join us for our next free Teleseminar with Jason Jaggard, founder and CEO of SparkGood.

June 29th (Wed.) 4:30-5pm (CST)

Why Sparks? People and organizations grow best when they have developed and harnessed the art of self-challenge. Sparks provide a 5-week opportunity for people to experiment with self-challenge by taking initiative and healthy risk in their business, university or faith community.


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To win a copy of a Sparks sample packet, send an email with “Sparks Sample Kit Giveaway” with your U.S. mailing address to The sample packet of our Sparks kit comes with one magazine, one participant guide, one leader’s guide and a pen. The first person will win a free copy!

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