A Pastor Honored by The Queen of England

One of the highlights of our trip to the U.K. included time in Northern Ireland with Tim, Miiko, Scottie, and Gracie Martin (friends from Mosaic South Bay) and Tim’s extended family. Tim’s father Jim was a pastor in the Church of Ireland for years and navigated through the most tumultuous days of the conflict between the Republicans and the Loyalists.

Jim and Kathleen Martin not only served as church leaders for years, but they opened a home for the profoundly learning disabled that has earned them respect from the community, attention on the news, and even an award from the Queen of England (Member of the British Empire).

The Martin Residential Trust began after James visited with a woman who lived near his church. The woman was overwhelmed caring for her 14 year old son who was mentally challenged, so James asked her how he could help. Rather than simply praying for her, he spent the next 5 years raising funds to build a house for her son and others like him. Now 20+ years later, the government funds their work caring for the 19 residents. The work now includes Nigel MacFarlane and his wife Lisa (Jim & Kathleen’s daughter).

Check out a recent article about the new expansion at the Martin Residential Trust.

Here is the news story:

Jim chose to be the answer to another person’s prayers by taking action. As a result, others have taken notice.

Does your church or non-profit or organization have a positive reputation in your city? What good can you do?

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