Outed: The Secret Lives Of Almost Everyone

From the Gateway Church website:

“Am I Normal?

It’s a question all of us wonder about. Compared to others, are we more or less decent? At Gateway Church in Austin, TX, we don’t believe that anyone is better than anyone else. We do believe, however, that real growth happens for people when they are honest about themselves. July 31st-August 14th we are launching a new message series called, “Outed: The Secret Lives of Almost Everyone.

One of the fun parts of this discussion is that we will be revealing the results of our online survey that measures the behaviors and attitudes of people like you and me regarding morality. You will be able to see how you stack up against everyone else.

Please complete this brief survey. Before you start getting suspicious, let us assure you, THIS SURVEY IS COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. We don’t track IP addresses, names, affiliations, or social media info. No one will ever know what you clicked. All we want is your candid, unvarnished answers. Don’t try to make yourself look like an angel – or a devil! Just be honest.

We will publish the results of this survey on July 31st, so check back with us then to see how you fare.

Thanks for your time and sincerity. And, by the way, you probably are pretty normal.”


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