Perspective Changes Everything

Debbie, the kids, and I went swimming in Barton Springs the other day. This little swimming hole by our house is a favorite spot for Austinites and was even the site of one of the scenes in Terrence Malick’s epic and highly intuitive film with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn called Tree of Life. It shouldn’t have surprised me since Malick lives in Austin, and Barton Springs is a beautiful location.

There is one problem with Barton Springs though: it is extremely cold!

Jumping into the water on a very hot July day (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit), my body immediately began to shake and shiver. I thought my heart was going to stop!

At first I had to convince myself to stay in the water so I could keep the kids in too. They were complaining about the cold temperature, but we had just paid $8 to get the 4 of us in to swim!

After about 30 seconds, my perspective changed. My body got used to the temperature. With the heat and sun bearing down on us, soon Barton Springs genuinely became the most refreshing swimming experience I have ever had!

What are you facing right now that could be overcome if seen from a different perspective?

Who have you pre-judged or excluded that you should instead serve and include? Is it possible to see them from a different perspective than the one you’ve been seeing them from?

Our perspective remains a powerful force which can help us or harm us.

Trying to see the world differently,


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