Gratitude – Koreans in Wales

Debbie, the kids, and I enjoyed our vacation in June in the United Kingdom. We met up with great friends from the past in Preston, England; Wales; and Northern Ireland. They are all connected to really vibrant works doing really great things!

One of the most interesting moments of our trip came in Wales when I met Peter, a Korean pastor. Peter shared with me that he has come to Wales as a missionary since his country was reached as a result of the efforts and martyrdom of Robert Jermain Thomas.

Thomas came from Wales to bring Bibles to the people of China and Korea. He was killed for his efforts, but his death was not in vain. South Korea dramatically changed to the point that now Koreans are going to the Western world as messengers of hope and life.

I was fascinated by the way the death of a Welshman brought life to Koreans, and now Koreans are giving up so much to serve the people of Wales!

I have kept wondering, who can we serve now out of gratitude for those who served us?

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