“Courageous Leadership for Catalytic Times” by Dr. McNeil

Brenda Salter-McNeil shared the following insights at The Leadership Summit:

This next generation of young emerging leaders are global by default. They know they are global.

Acts 1:8 propelled the followers of Jesus around the world.

Leading in Jerusalem is difficult because you have to press for change among your own people – your family.

In Judea there is familiarity, but there are differences (like among those who look the same but have different politics, values, and denominations). Ministry here is not simple but must be attempted.

Samaria is hostile toward us. They speak a different language. We avoid Samaria like the plague. We see Samaria as evil. We need to move outward into Samaria in spite of the challenges. Even Samaria needs to experience God’s love. Samaria tests our willingness to risk and sacrifice. Sometimes you have to use unorthodox efforts to break through in Samaria.

Without a catalytic moment, we remain stuck where we are in Jerusalem. For the disciples, they moved from praying in private (Acts 1) to sharing the message of Jesus in public (Acts 2) when the Holy Spirit came. That was a catalytic moment! These ethnographic-centric people were suddenly fluent in the languages of the people visiting Jerusalem.

The church was born as a global movement!

If you are ready to break through the barriers we face then do the following:

  • Pray for a divine mandate. Ask God to break our hearts with what breaks God’s heart.
  • Name your catalytic events. Ask God to show you how He is moving. That’s not a catastrophe. That’s a catalytic event! Capitalize in these moments to bring people together to do something together.
  • Mobilize people to go! Go to learn and listen. Seek to understand. Move into the place where we are longer in control.”
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