“Poke the Box” by Seth Godin

Here are some excerpts from Seth Godin’s talk at The Leadership Summit:

“We grew up in a society that told us more is better. The TV-Industrial Age: Buy Ads then Get More Distribution Then Sell More Products then Make More Profits then Buy More Ads and the cycle continues.

We live in a world where variety is overwhelming and old ways of doing things are dying (newspapers, records, etc.). The industrial age is over! We are in an age of tribes where we can make a difference in our own niches.

Deep in our DNA we want to be in sync with our own people, and we want and need leaders for our tribes. If you want to do work that matters, we have an amazing opportunity in front of us! Will you lead your tribe?

We used to be hunters then farmers then workers. So, now what? The next era is the era of the artist. An artist creates something that no one has done before for someone else.

If we are the owners of our own level of productivity, then why are we holding back?

What is your path? What difference do you want to make? There is no map for being an artist! Competence used to be important, but now it is no longer a commodity.

It is impossible to do art and succeed every time. It is scary, and will face criticism. The lizard brain tells you to fit in. The lizard brain is the resistance. Too often we look for reasons not to do our art.

The world is being turns upside down. What are you going to do about it?!

Create and give it away!”

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Resist the resistance!

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