A Chicken Fried Steak Sushi Roll?

Last week I shared about some of the innovative and entrepreneurial efforts of some of my friends at the Irie Bean in Austin. Another friend from Gateway Church is part of a team opening a new and creative restaurant called the Roll On Sushi Diner.

Take a look at a brief description from their website:

Roll On Sushi Diner will be a novel yet simple concept in sushi and counter-service dining. We break the mold of what you will expect out of a sushi restaurant by offering fusion approaches to the rolls: chicken fried steak rolls, “The Elvis” roll, a soul food roll, amongst many others.

We continue to source food from local produce and dairy farmers and local grocers because we believe in supporting our community and local businesses.

We have a lot to say about our community, culture, charity, fun and food. We want you to read our thoughts and share yours, and this is the place to do it.”

If you are in Austin, they open this weekend if you want to check them out (AMLI 5350 Burnet Road, Suite #2, 78756)!

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