Breaking Down the Walls

The churches in the city of Austin have been intentionally connecting and partnering together through the efforts of In the City, For the City and the Austin Bridge Builders Alliance. Still new to Austin, I have been impressed by the ways lead pastors from large and small churches across the theological spectrum have chosen to team together to make a positive difference in our city.

The most recent effort includes a series called Walls. So far thirty churches are participating. From

“Starting in the fall of 2011, churches across the Austin area will join together to tear down walls that separate us from God’s very best…. More than a message series, Walls is a journey for those who are ready to live the life God intended. No longer will spiritual barriers keep us from trusting God and the promises He has made. We long to see the church of Austin love God, each other and our surrounding neighbors.”

Check out for resources for the sermon series and for small groups. Some of the small groups at Gateway Church will be using Not Like Me: A Field for Influencing A Diverse World during the Walls series.

Partnerships can help us learn from others. Together we can do more than we can on our own.

The Church is healthy when the local churches within the Church are healthy.

How have you seen partnerships work well in your city? What are some of the challenges? What are some of the positive outcomes?

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