Advance Weekend at Gateway Church

From the Gateway Church website:

“This is the most important weekend of the year for Gateway! If you are developing and deepening your relationship with God and Gateway is your community – we invite, encourage, even urge you to come to Advance 2011. God is moving at Gateway and across our city. In the past two years we’ve been restructuring how we do church so that we can build deeper community and better meet the physical and spiritual needs of our friends and neighbors. He’s been changing our strategy and our thinking, now God wants to change our heart.

As we’ve prayed about this weekend there’s been one recurring theme:

yield |yēld| 1. n. a harvest 2. v. to surrender

We’re confident God wants to bring a spiritual harvest across our city and in our own lives. But in order for that to happen, we also believe God is asking us to yield, to surrender the things that keep us from experiencing Him more fully. This is more than a weekend event. We believe God is shaping our church. It begins now – as soon as you register, we ask you to watch the video above if you haven’t already, start praying and prepare with us throughout the month of September as we move toward who God want’s us to be.”

If you are leading or serving at Gateway, get more info and/or register here.

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