Tearing Down the Walls Small Group Material

Our new “Tearing Down the Walls” Small Groups started this week, and so many new people have gotten connected!

One group went from 2 people to 11, one from 6 to 28, and many more had new people connect with them. We had 14 new people at our place in Barton Hills next to downtown Austin on Tuesday night and 17 people at our new East Austin small group last night!

Here is a brief explanation of what we are doing (feel free to use the material and adapt it to your area):

“Churches across the Austin area will join together to tear down walls that separate us from one another. More than a Sunday morning message series, Walls is a journey for those who are ready to explore and live the life God intended. No longer will
spiritual barriers keep us from trusting God and the promises He has made. We long to see the church of Austin love God, each other and our surrounding neighbors.

Invisible Walls (Sept. 11th) – Not Like Me: Introduction & chapter 1
Naming Our Walls (Sept. 18th) – Not Like Me: chapter 2 & Conclusion
The Walls Between Us (Sept. 25th) – Not Like Me: chapters 3, 6, & 7
Walls Between Church and Community (Oct. 2nd) – Not Like Me: chapters 4 & 9
Breaking Down Walls (Oct. 9th) – Not Like Me: chapters 5, 8, & 10

Week 1: Invisible Walls

At times we struggle to reach our potential because of walls (unseen and spiritual barriers) that hold us back.

1. What is one of your favorite childhood memories?
2. Can you describe a time in your life when you had high expectations about an event, experience, or a person that ended up leaving you disappointed? How did you respond to the disappointment?

Read Romans 12:2 and 2 Corinthians 10:3-5
1. How does the world teach us to respond to painful experiences and disappointment?
2. Have you ever seen someone create a wall as a way to protect himself or herself after having a painful experience?
3. Have you ever done this? If so, what happened?
4. If we are supposed to examine every thought (and wall) that we create by the truth that God reveals, how can we do that?
5. How do God’s ways in handling difficult situations differ from the ways the world teaches us?

As we go through this Walls series together, we are asking each person to make this a season of spiritual reflection and preparation. We have created a “Spiritual Exercise” to guide you in the process. Each week there is a brief scripture reading and time of response to God. This is a critical part of the Walls experience. Please join us!

Supplemental Spiritual Exercise Part I and Part II

Bonus Questions:
• What insights did you gain from the Gateway Inspire service and what action steps can you take?
• What insights did you gain from Not Like Me (Introduction & chapter 1), and what action steps can you take?”

For the rest of the materials, go here: Tearing Down The Walls weeks 1 – 5

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