The Holy Smokers in Brooklyn!

In March at South by Southwest here in Austin, two friends of mine on staff at Gateway Church (Jon Evans and Nate “The Flying Salmon” Echelberger) competed as the Holy Smokers as part of The Food Experiments.

Remarkably, the Holy Smokers won and got to go to Brooklyn for the next round!

In Brooklyn, they continued to “bring the love and joy” with a dish called “Fuego Del Cielo” which means “fire from heaven” and was a delicious combination of carnitas wrapped in roasted hatch green chile which was wrapped in Thai chili bacon candy and skewered  with a cube of avocado.

In this video from the competition you can see the Holy Smokers in action on and off during the first 1:30 and then again at the 3:14 mark:

Pursuing their passion for food and people, Jon and Nate made an impression everywhere they went and created a delicious experience for their new friends in NYC!

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