Spot, The Online Magazine

The second issue of Spot, the online magazine is out!

Spot is the result of the efforts of people who live in and love their town in Southern California. In many ways, it is like a love letter to their hometown.

Many of you know the founder of Spot, Octavio Martinez, as the campus pastor of Mosaic Whittier. He is also a writer, food connoisseur, and passionary for the arts and culture in Whittier. Take a look at the newest issue!

From inside the pages, Octavio writes:

“It’s Saturday night. The LCD Soundsystem is playing through my headphones.

I’m tired. It’s late.

But I can’t sleep over the excitement of our latest issue.

This time you’ll meet Tony Alcazar, the amazing chef of the Bottle Room.

Discover open mic night at Fenix-54 (one of Whittier’s many music scenes).

You’ll see amazing images from staff photographer, Waldyr Oliviera

And there’s more.

Spot is our gift to you so you can experience the best of Southern California

We’re back.

With gifts.


Octavio Cesar Martinez”

What creative ways have you seen spiritual entrepreneurs engage their city?

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