Books – Gifts That Keep On Giving

Every year it seems like my Christmas list is more like a list of books I want to read. Books are a great gift since they can be enjoyed well past when they are received. In addition, you can communicate an appreciation for someone based on the book you choose to give them. Either the book will help them in an area they have interest or the most potential for growth.

Here are some of the books I’ve given away to network leaders, small group leaders, and other pastors with whom I get to serve:

What books are you giving away or are on your list this Christmas?

  • Lissy

    I agree with you! I am a book lover/addict and to me there is no greater gift. I want to instill the same love books to my daughter so I bought her the book wherever you are by nancy tillman, she is a great author and the message behind every book is that the chilld is loved. Can’t wait to read it to her for bedtime!

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