Hope in the Midst of Death – The Story of Ben Breedlove

An 18 year old high school student who has grown up at Gateway Church in Austin posted a video about his heart condition and 3 near death experiences he has had over the years (at age 4, in the summer of 2011, and then most recently on Dec. 6, 2011).

One week after posting two videos about these experiences, Ben Breedlove passed away on Christmas Day.

Since that tragic day, his family found the videos he posted, and his message of hope in the midst of death has spread around the world – including a response from Ben’s favorite rapper Kid Cudi who was included in the vision Ben had during his 3rd near death experience plus a live streaming of the memorial services today on a local news station’s website.

Watch part one here.

Watch part two below:

Watch the memorial service here.

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