The Power of a Vision

The Alamo Bowl was one of the best football games I’ve ever witnessed in person! Of course, if you love defenses, you would have hated it!

I was already excited to see the game in San Antonio with my uncle and cousins. It was my school vs. Debbie’s school (I graduated from Baylor, and she graduated from the University of Washington). Most of all, I was really excited to see Baylor’s first Heisman winner Robert Griffin III play in person.

It was absolutely worth the hype!

Records were broken left and right in the Baylor 67 to 56 victory over Washington. Most points in a regulation game, most combined yards of offense, and on and on….

First Downs2633
Rushing Yds182482
Passing Yds438295
Total Offense

Here is what is amazing to me: a former Baylor president envisioned this day back in 2002.

Let me explain. When I shared with Rick Shurtz, one of our teaching pastor’s at Gateway Church about the success that Baylor has had with their men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and football programs, he reminded me that this was part of Dr. Sloan’s Vision 2012 for Baylor. Since Nov. 2011, the men, women, and football programs are 31-0! We’ve done well in women’s basketball for awhile as well as other sports (especially track and tennis), but we’ve been terrible at men’s basketball and football for years!

Obviously, it would be great to study what decisions Dr. Sloan and the leaders since him have made to get this point, but for now this just reminds me to consider: what is my vision for 2012 and what is my part in making it happen?

What do you hope to accomplish or see happen in this new year? What are doing to make this year different than the last one?

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