Vote for the Bird Of Prey Doritos Commercial!

Important message from my good friends Joby Harris and Jimmy Duke from Mosaic in L.A.!

“Doritos Finalist ‘Bird of Prey’ Needs Your Help!


If “Bird of Prey” gets the most votes between January 4th and 29th than our lovely commercial will be shown during Super Bowl Extra Large 6!! (Otherwise known as Super Bowl XLVI)

Can you give us 26 seconds for 26 days?
Vote for BOP, 26 seconds, each day until January 29th.
Your time voting each day for a bunch of strangers will do nothing short of change their lives, forever.

If We Win

If we are blessed enough to receive the honor of being played and to win any of the amount above, here is what we would do with the money:

40 percent would be paid to Uncle Sam to continue supporting government funded programs involving high end dinners at clubs and cheetah migrating rituals in Oregon.

50 percent would be given to the cast and crew allowing these amazing 18 people to do things such as go back to school, pay off debt, fund future productions and buy a latte with any flavoring they want.

10 percent will be given to Charity Water and Mosaic Beyond Us


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