Yes it’s my birthday…

I’ve never posted my baby pictures before, but I have a very persuasive 9 year old daughter who insisted I post these.


Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes! As my brother always says to my grandmas: we shouldn’t be sad for another birthday. It is certainly better than the alternative! 🙂

Special thanks to Facebook friend Warren McCullough for sending along the birthday wishes from U2. Even though the song was originally for Nelson Mandela, I enjoyed watching it all the same. 🙂

I am certainly blessed to have so many amazing memories and to have such a great family and wonderful friends! Here’s to 40 or 80 more!

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  • Brent Pittman

    Happy Birthday bro! You’ve really helped model for me what it is to be a man and how to reach out to others.

  • Amanda Bunton Treviño

    Happy belated birthday Eric!

  • Anonymous

    I was just looking at posts on here and wanted to say your baby pics are adorable! wow you had hair at one time! lol j/k The song is fitting for you too! 🙂 I hope your birthday was wonderful!

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