Deepen Webisodes from Gateway Church

At Gateway Church, we recently introduced a series of Deepen webisodes to help those who are developing and deepening their faith.

From the Gateway website:

“Gateway is committed to helping everyone take their next step toward deepening our knowledge and experience of God, Jesus, and His word. With that goal we want to experiment with this webisode/podcast idea. As we gather in networks and small groups across the city with others who are serious about their faith and following Christ we hope this will facilitate a deeper conversation. Every week we’re going to post a webisode here that we hope will offer insight and challenge your thinking and make you ant to dig into scripture and study for yourself. THIS IS A PILOT, so we would love your feed back along the way. Get involved in the conversation in the comments at the bottom of each post to let us know what you think and ask more questions.”

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