Markers, Covenants, & Journeys – Being Present

What an amazing day!

For my 40th birthday Debbie sent me to Los Angeles to see friends from our days living in this beautiful city! I have made such great memories and such great friends in the city of Angels after living here for almost 13 years!

Today I had the opportunity to spend time with my great friends Art Munoz, the Lopez family, my neighbor John, and the McManus family. I had the chance to drive with Art through town to have breakfast at the Porter Junction Cafe (delicious!) and saw our old house (which looks better than ever). Erwin and I then witnessed a fantastic game that went into overtime at the Staples Center! Even though the Clippers lost to the Spurs (the favorite team of almost all of my uncles and cousins), we had a great time!

As Erwin described the recent Leadership Advance held at Mosaic, I realized how critical the lessons learned there are for me. The theme was “I Am Here” which seemed to be both a reminder of God’s presence in our lives and our need to be truly present wherever we are.

As someone with both Future and Past (Context) in my top 5 Gallup StrengthsFinder results, I need help with the Present!

(Ironically, my wife has Adaptability (the ability to be in the moment) as her #1 strength whereas I have that strength last on my list).

So how can we become more present?

  • Markers – remembering where we’ve been. That is ground you do not give up.
  • Covenants – recognizing the relationships which move us forward.
  • Journeys – acknowledging the mystery and uncertainty of the future but doing so in the context of what we’ve experienced and in relationship.

Today was such a great reminder of this! I have such great memories and such great relationships from our time in L.A. that I am reminded to enjoy the present – no matter what we may be facing.

I will be visiting at Mosaic Pasadena at 10am and Mosaic Hollywood at 11am and then speaking at Mosaic South Bay* at 5pm on Sunday, Feb. 19th. Would love to see you if you are in LA!

*This weekend, Mosaic South Bay meets at Manhattan Beach Marriott & Golf Club, 1400 Parkview Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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