Artisan: Finding Your Voice by Erwin McManus

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be back at Mosaic in Los Angeles for the first time since December of 2010. Listening to the podcasts when I can this past year has been inspiring, but actually being there with great friends and experiencing the music and arts in new venues was a blast!

Erwin began a series last week called Artisan: Create a Life. Here are some of the insights he shared this week on finding your voice:

“Life is a creative act. The essence of an artist is his soul. It is possible to live a soulless life. Allowing our souls to come to life changes that.

We don’t see people for who they are. We see then through the filter of all the people we’ve known.

Finding your voice starts with discovering the narrative in which you live.

Psalm 126:1-2 “we were like men who dream”

What keeps your dreams captive?

The person who lives as their most creative self Is living the life they were created by God to live.

Too often we let anger keep us from thinking at the highest level.

When enslaved, the Israelites stopped dreaming. This happens among those who are poor. It becomes almost impossible to imagine a better life or even a better self.
We’ve let fear keep us captive.

What is the narrative that guides my life? Am I free but living as if I’m enslaved?

Gen. 3:1-11 “Who told you that you were naked?”
There may be a narrative inside of us that is keeping us from reaching our potential and our God-given calling.

There are voices that we need to extricate from our minds and souls.

‘You are marvelously and wonderfully made…’

‘You were created in the image of God…’

‘You are loved…’

If we are going to find our voice, we need to find the voices that guide us.

Who defines who you are? Who is telling your about your limitations?

When you choose a life of bitterness, greed, selfishness, immorality, the you have embraced a lesser narrative than you deserve and your soul needs.

You are designed by God to have a unique voice! 

Choose the right voice to define you – the voice of God.

Luke 24:13-35
‘Did not our hearts burn when he was talking with us?!’ Listen to the voice of the One who created you and loves you.

We were created with intention and the creator of the universe did not give up on us!

Our souls know what we are looking for. The possibility of hope, forgiveness, and life calls out to our souls. Jesus’ voice expels the darkness  in our lives.”
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