…But Don’t Stay That Way (video message)

…But Don’t Stay That Way | February 5, 2012 from Gateway Church on Vimeo.

I spoke at Gateway’s McNeil campus and our new Central series on Feb. 5th. Here are some of the thoughts I shared:

“At Gateway, we use this phrase a lot: ‘Come as you are, but don’t stay that way.

In the Scriptures there is a story in the life of Israel where the world they knew was falling apart. Chaos and destruction had become the norm, but the prophet Ezekiel promised that there was a way out – a path of hope. Ezekiel challenged his people to align their behavior with God’s ways in order to experience restoration and healing.        

Here are four insights from the story of Ezekiel that will help us live new lives.

First, we need to listen to the watchmen in your life.

If we are tired of where we are now, are we willing to make different choices? What sacrifices do you need to make to become who were meant to be?

Second, we need to care enough to be a watchman in the lives of others.

A loving community allows people to come as they are and cares enough to help people not stay that way.

Third, the way out of their current situation began with taking personal responsibility.

There comes a time in our lives (and it is sooner than we think), that we need to learn to feed ourselves.

Fourth, trust God.The great news is we are not alone in this. God is here for us.

God promises you a better future with Him than you’ve experienced without Him. The war over your future is not over. You may have lost some battles, but there is hope! You and I can take personal responsibility for our future, and we are not alone. God is here to help us.

Next Steps:

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