SXSW – A Cultural Phenomenon

I have heard of South by Southwest for years, but this year is my first time to actually participate. Last year I went to some shows that weren’t officially SXSW, and I even performed Stand Up Comedy at a an unofficial show. This year I am going with a film badge. I am looking forward to learning, connecting, and creating!

Michael Corcoran from Austin360 shared some fascinating statistics:

South by Southwest began in 1987 with 700 people coming to see 170 acts from Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. A badge was only $3.

Last year was the 25th year of SXSW and there were just over 2,000 acts performing at more than 90 official stages, and registration for the music portion (film and interactive components were added in 1994 and 1995, respectively) was over 14,000 people. Badges cost from $595 to $1,250 for “platinum” registration to the film, interactive and music festivals.

Corcoran continues: “SXSW has grown from the national music scene’s best-kept secret into the world’s largest — and wildest — music conference, and along the way it’s sold Austin as a warmly embracing town where music is not just a soundtrack, but a way of life. SXSW is still a regional conference, but the region is now Planet Earth, with SXSW organizers actively pursuing previously underrepresented continents such as South America and Africa.”

Read the full article here.

In 2012, SXSW will feature 250+ films, 1800+ bands, 400+ talks, 4 exhibitions, and hundreds of special events.

Each year influential players in the music, film, entertainment, and social media world gather together in Austin. It was at SXSW that twitter was introduced to the world. Movies premier here (such as this year’s lineup which includes: 21 Jump Street with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, Cabin in the Woods from Joss Whedon, Bernie with Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey, and Blue Like Jazz based on the book by Donald Miller).

Each year the city of Austin brings in half of what a city hosting a Super Bowl makes!

Throughout the week, I will be sending out tweets and posts on what I am able to experience at South By Southwest. More soon!

Catch some of the action at the SXSW YouTube channel!

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