Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web and Mobile

Jon Wuebben shared some of his insights from Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web and Mobile.

Content remains cricital for several reasons:

Customers have more power due to the ability to review and spread the word (positively and negatively) via social media.

People perceive content differently today. People used to build a site and then add content to fill the pages. Now, people see what is on the pages as most important.

What is content marketing?

Providing valuable content that attracts, acquires, and engages a clearly defined and understood target audience.

Key points:

  • With killer content convert prospects into customers and then into repeat customers.
  • Create new content out of what you already have. For example, turn blog posts into an e-book.
  • Analyze your current content: Make the content compelling to readers, visible to search engines, linkable to partners, shareable through social media, and transferable to mobile devices.
  • Current trends in content marketing: mobile and social marketing is the real deal. Location based services are growing. Quality content is more important than quantity content.
  • Content life cycle: content strategy and planning, content creation, content marketing/distribution, content management/curation.
  • Content marketing machine: content, design, and usability; how are you generating new people in your audience?
  • Leverage your client testimonials or positive reviews.
  • Support your content building process by enticing prospects with a free trial service or small product sample or free content.
  • Monitor the competition.
  • Actively pitch to those following you in social media.
  • Build partnerships with others in your industry.
  • Website Content Modules – information, lead-generation, news, opinion, impulse buy, and human interaction.

Ensure content impact – from The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Ciadini:

  • reciprocity
  • commitment and consistency (stay true to brand message)
  • consensus (people trust their friends and family)
  • affinity
  • authority (show how others have benefited from your expertise)
  • scarcity (people do not want to miss out)

Content Marketing Take Aways:

  • Make all your content relevant.
  • Make all of your content optimized and sharable.
  • Make all of your content leverageable.
  • Make all of your content profitable.

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