Erwin McManus Interview & Artisan Journal Giveaway

Join us Thursday, April 5th for an interview with Erwin McManus from 3-3:30pm CST!

Erwin leads Mosaic in Los Angeles; creates films; guides a fashion & design company; writes books such as An Unstoppable Force, The Barbarian Way, Wide Awake, Soul Cravings, and Uprising; and inspires though his speaking.

Watch the music video Erwin directed here.

Check out Erwin’s new video series “Signs” here.

Congratulations to those who win the new Artisan Journal created by Erwin! The 5 winners from March included the following: Josh M., Sal V., Larry B., Daniel B., and Rick B.. The 5 winners from April included the following: Dan M., Russell H., Marc H., Joseph O., and Chuck H.. For a chance to win other great giveaways, sign up for my email newsletter and keep your eyes out for the next one.

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Watch the interview below (start from the beginning until the 1 minute mark and then skip ahead during the technical difficulties to 8:30 when the interview resumes):

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