5 Ways to Develop a Leadership Culture by Dan Reiland

At the Orange Conference, Dan Reiland shared lots of great ideas including the following:

“The 5 ways to develop a leadership culture:

  1. Champion Leadership (values)
  2. Teach Leadership (principles)
  3. Practice Leadership (reality)
  4. Coach Leadership (improvement)
  5. Reward Leadership (results)

Coaching leadership means helping people become the leader God designed them to be by doing the following:

  1. Make a simple plan with next steps.
  2. Focus on their productive strengths.
  3. Work on their destructive weaknesses (when they are hurting people or hurting their relationship with God).
  4. Insist on progress. We cannot help those who don’t want help.

Amplified leadership is a relationally-based process designed to intentionally cultivate new leaders. It’s not merely a list of things a leader “must” do. It is a specific sequence of practical steps and essential skills that lead to a strategic outcome – producing new leaders.

  • Outcome Desired                          Skills Required
  • Establish a Relationship                    Connect with the heart & Appreciate people
  • Engage a Follower                              Encourage & Inspire toward the vision
  • Embrace a Team Member                  Invite (recruit) & Equip – training for a specific ministry task
  • Coach an Apprentice                          Select & Include
  • Mentor a New Leader                         Develop – invest in who they are as individuals & Empower

This is a funnel with more people involved at the top level and fewer and fewer involved as you go down the list.

These skills build on each other. If “Invite” is a struggle for them then go backwards to see if they are deficient in “inspire,” “encourage,” “appreciate,” or “connect.”

Pray for leaders and those who are without faith. What you pray for, you look for. What you look for, you find.”

For more insights from Dan, check out Amplified Leadership: 5 Practices to Establish Influence, Build People, and Impact Others for a Lifetime.






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