Refueling Your Vision by Doug Fields

Doug Fields shared at the Orange Conference. Here are three sunlamps that blind us as leaders:

1. Numbers.
“We count people because people count.”
If we aren’t careful we begin to believe that bigger is always better. As a result, we feel like we have to “feed the beast.”

Bigger isn’t better. Better is better!

2. Pace of life.
Ministry is a marathon, but too many of us live as if ministry is a sprint.
When you start to burnout, you start to long for isolation and/or skimming on the relationships that actually refresh and rejuvenate.

Hurry is the enemy of depth. There is a price we pay for our busyness. When people see our busyness, they assume we are too busy for them. You cannot rush loving people the way they need to be loved. You cannot rush discipleship.

Stop being impressed by the busyness of others. Busyness is a sign of brokenness. Do not let others find their identity in their tasks.

3. Comparing yourself with others.
Our value is not connected to how we are doing as compared to others, but in being faithful to what we are called to do.

Replace comparison with effectiveness. This can help you become a better version of yourself! Stop comparing and start abiding. Ministry isn’t about them. It is all about Him!

Focusing on these issues burns your vision. Instead, we need to focus on God’s vision for our lives and truly live!

Are you happy with the direction your soul is headed? Are you happy with the leader you are becoming? Are you creating the space to hear God’s still small voice?

Have the ears to hear and the eyes to see that which is most important to Jesus.



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