Diversity and Innovation (Workshops in Sacramento)

Know anyone near Northern California who is interested in diversity or innovation in ministry? If so, send them to my breakout sessions at the Thrive Conference which are this Friday and Saturday in Sacramento. See the descriptions below:

Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World -Discover the principles necessary to create a “come as you are” culture and a place where people can belong before they believe. Not Like Me is a guide for overcoming the negative Christian stereotype by embracing the people Christians “love to hate.”

Innovators: Developing the Skills Necessary to Bring Significant Change – As pastors and church leaders, we often struggle to keep up with the quickly changing world around us. We can also become victims of our own success by holding onto what has worked well in the past. Through a study of key historical, business, and ministry leaders, Dr. Eric Michael Bryant discovered the common characteristics between these leaders and shares the skills we need to develop in order to become more effective ministry leaders.

I will also be speaking at Bayside Church Lincoln Campus at 10am on Sunday, May 6th.


May 6th:

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