Platform: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt shared about the importance of having a platform.

The stage has never been more crowded than now. Last year over 1 million books were published. 27 million titles are avaiilable at 164 million blogs on the web.

Publishers began to switch from looking for good content to finding people with a platform.

Michael Hyatt took 4 years to get to 700 unique visits per month. It takes time to build a platform, and it is important to build a platform before you need it.

When is the best time to plant a tree? 25 years ago
The 2nd best time to plant a tree? Today!

  • A platform give you visibility. It gives you a way to be above the crowd to be seen.
  • A platform amplifies your voice.
  • A platform gives you a way to connect. Bi-lateral intimacy includes interacting with others you wouldn’t have been able to do so.

You can assemble a powerful, personal platform with just five planks:

1. Start with WOW!

  • “Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.” – David Ogilvy
  • Wow is the gap between what people experience and what they expected.
  • Ask yourself: How can I overdeliver on what I have promised?
  • Keep shipping even when you don’t have it ready to wow others.


2. Prepare to launch

  • Choose to take responsibility for your own success (rather than blame all of the others who did not do what you hoped).
  • Look in the mirror at your new chief marketing officer!
  • Get crystal clear on the outcomes you want to see happen.
  • You cannot do it alone. You need a pit crew. Be willing to cast a vision to recruit volunteers to help. (ex.

3. Build your home base (using a social media framework).

  • Start with a home base – the place in cyberspace that you own and control the content.
  • Add embassies – the places where you have a spot (twitter, Facebook, google+).
  • Add outposts – the conversations going on about us online such as Google alerts. You can choose to respond or not to respond.

4. Expand your reach.

  • The old way of marketing is dead and gone. Spam and impersonal and irrelevant advertising is more about taking.
  • Sharing is the new way to market. Share your passion, what you deeply care about, with those in your sphere of influence. Giving is better than taking!
  • What’s at stake if your message doesn’t get out? Those are the reasons why you need to market your message.

5. Engage your tribe.

Check out the notes from this session at


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  • Margaret

    Thanks for the link for the session notes! I have a friend who would’ve loved to hear Hyatt speak, but couldn’t- now I can send her this 🙂

  • Brent Pittman

    I’ve learned a lot from Michael Hyatt’s blog and ready to read his book this summer. Eric, Thanks for the notes.

  • ericbryant

    Glad you liked the notes, Brent and Margaret. I listen better when I am writing down what I am hearing. Michael has great insights!

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