Maximizing Your Strengths

For the past 13 years I have been striving to maximize my strengths and help others do the same. Today I had the opportunity to team with Dawn Shaw, a career counselor at the University of Texas as we introduced Gallup’s StrengthsFinder to 65+ people in an event sponsored by Gateway Community Church, our church in Austin. The Acton School of Business was kind enough to host us.

Here are some new insights we shared:

Our strengths results should not limit what we do but help us focus on how we do it.

Five Signs of a Strength

  1. Rapid learning
  2. A glimpse of excellence
  3. Performance nears perfection
  4. Connects with your passions (intense satsifaction)
  5. Moments when you feel you are in the zone

To Move from a Talent to a Strength

  1. Discover/Uncover
  2. Affirm/Ask Others
  3. Celebrate/Identify
  4. Develop/Practice
  5. Apply

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