Freedom Yet Never Far Away

A couple of weeks ago Caleb and Trevi wanted to walk to school. We live about a mile from their elementary school. Debbie and I reluctantly agreed. What they didn’t know though was that I was planning to follow them.

About 5 minutes after they left, I got in the minivan and started creeping around behind them. I wasn’t as stealth as I had planned because they saw me and waved me over. Caleb asked for some donuts from 7-11. Perfect! He just gave me an excuse to see them again!

I drove to 7-11 and caught up with them again. By this time, Caleb was well behind is younger sister, so I insisted he give me his backpack which was incredibly heavy. He reluctantly agreed. I then placed the donuts in his backpack and drove to the bottom of the hill and watched them come down. I carefully placed his backpack at the street corner so he could pick it up for the last stretch.

The worst part may have been that last stretch. As they walked towards the school, I creeped along in our white minivan taking pictures of them. They tried to wave me away, but I was relentless. Fortunately, no one reported me to the police!

Our heavenly Father gives us freedom, but He is right there for us. He can take up the heavy burdens we sometimes seem to want to carry. Just like I allowed my kids to walk that long road knowing they might fall down and scrape their knee or even worse possibilities, I was there the whole time.

God is more present than He may feel.

To hear this story, check it out at in the message called “How Do We Know God Cares?


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  • Katya

    What a great story, Eric. Thanks for sharing.:)

  • ericbryant

    Thanks for reading, Katya! Enjoy your weekend!

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