Happy 10th Birthday, Trevi!

Often you may hear me talk about Trevi’s amazing ability to sing like her recent rendtions of songs by Amy Winehouse (click to hear “Valerie”) and Adele (click to hear “Someone Like You”) or hear about what a strong personality she has always had even in her youngest days (see my stand up comedy or the article: “Billy Graham, Dictators, and Jesus?”).

What you may not know about my little 10 year old girl is how sweet-hearted and empathetic she is. She tends to look out for her big brother, loves to tell jokes and make others laugh, and loves pigs (therefore hating ham, bacon, and any other pig food option). She wants to be an engineer because she loves building things or open her own restaurant (The Trevi Cafe).

Whatever she chooses to do, I know she will do a great job at it!

I cannot believe that my little girl is now a decade old! I am so grateful to be her Dad!

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  • Rayellis

    Grandma and Grandad had a lot of fun celebrating Trevi’s birthday. She is a sweetheart, but of course, all our grand kids are. Happy Birthday Trevi!!! We love you.

  • Crystal Robbins

    Happy Birthday, Trevi! From Maeve (your fellow pig-lover) and Jarek and their parents, your California friends, Crystal and Jim! We all miss you and send you special love and hugs on your special day! We remember hugging on you the day you were born!

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