Creating Healthy Community (Colossians 4 video & notes)

Deepening your faith means trusting God more than in the past. A deeper faith isn’t about knowing lots of information about the Bible, but understanding the Scriptures and applying them to our lives.

To that end, we have a a series of Deepen webisodes through the book of Colossians.

Below is the video through Colossians 4 which touches on unity, creating healthy community, and including others.

Our goal is to simplify life. Rather than having our home life, work life, and church life, and so on, we want to become more integrated. We want to live a life where Jesus guides us in every aspect of life.

We can live a life beyond the norm. We are a new family that is called to put off the old ways and put on new ways which are the way of Christ.

There are no racial or ethnic inequalities or divisions in Christ. Our past religious backgrounds or socio-economic status does not separate us in Christ.

The biggest challenge for our church (or any church) is getting along! We are called to unity. We are part of a new family with new family values.

Community is what the world longs for. We can have it if we are willing to work towards it.

God’s new family when healthy always includes others. There are always others who want and need love, hope, and faith.

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