Helping Lola Help Others

In Austin churches partner together more than any city I’ve ever lived! Together several churches have discovered a remarkable woman who has allowed us to partner with her as she meets the needs of those she serves in East Austin.

After being displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Lola moved from New Orleans to Austin. She opened a restaurant called Nubian Queen Lola’s Cajun Soul Food Cafe. Not only is the food delicious, she gives it away to those who cannot afford to pay.

Chase is offering a $250,000 grant for a small business. To make the list you have to have 250 votes by Friday of this week. Lola needs help. So she/we needs for each of you to ASAP do the following:

Here are the steps:

1. Connect to this site –, Login with FB
2. Type in Cajun Soul Food Kitchen (Lola’s DBA)
3. Vote for Nubian Queen Lola’s Cajun Soul Food Kitchen and Ministries

Watch below to see and hear from Lola along with Steve and Karen Markham, the Gateway Network Leaders who have mobilized us and inspired us to serve with her.

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