The Soul Revolution Is Here!

We are about to begin a series of genuine transformation at Gateway Church in Austin! Whether you live in Austin or not, join us on Sundays (in person or online) and go through the 60 day experiment with a couple of others or a small group.

The Soul Revolution books are available for only $5 at the Sunday inspire services at Gateway. They can also be purchased anywhere books are sold (including Half Price Books).

Here are a few quick ideas for you and your group:

1. Soul Revolution Groups info can be found here. Pick and choose the best questions and exercises for your group.

Soul Revolution Groups small group materials can be found here:

Again, lots of great info.. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Just pick and choose what is best for your group.

3. Since some groups will include people who are going to just show up, some who are just listening to the messages on Sunday, and some that are reading through the Soul Revolution book, I like to ask the following questions as part of a group to honor those who took the time to read or listen to the message:

  • What other insights did you gain from the message on Sunday?
  • What other insights did you gain from the chapter(s) you read this week?
  • What are you going to do differently as a result of what you are discovering?

4. Even if you are going through a different experience this fall, you can join us in the 60-60 experiment: Practical advice about doing the 60-60 experiment

5. Most importantly, use the content as the means towards the end goal: helping people experience life and freedom on their own and in community and bring life and freedom to those who are disconnected.

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