Good Taste and Gatherings (A New Web Series)

One of the most inspiring part of my experience at Terra Nova, the creative arts retreat created by Mosaic in Los Angeles, was connecting with old friends and hearing about some of their efforts to make a difference in our world.

Dawn Asher, founder of the Tribe of Asher Production Company, has a fantastic project for foodies – those who like to eat good food and create community.

Watch here:

From the website:

Good Taste & Gatherings, a DOCUMENTARY WEB SERIES, is a celebration of everyday Foodies who translate their passion for hospitality and cuisine into extraordinary community experiences.

This show will offer the “why” stories behind a Foodie’s handiwork and the “what” he brings to the table for his community; and discovering this community is a significant highlight of each episode – you’ll get an up close look into great companies, organizations and neighborhoods near you. The Foodie’s positive and significant impact on others is the final product…This is the beauty shot of each story!”

The first two episodes featured


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