Making Global Disciples by Bob Roberts

After meeting with key world leaders at the United Nations, Bob Roberts joined us at M2012 and shared the following thoughts on making global disciples:

“If our Gospel is not strong enough to help us when we are with people we fear, then we aren’t trusting the true Gospel.

To be more effective in the future, we need to be willing to hug those in the gay community, love communists, and pray with Muslims.

We live in a fabulous time! The world is open – not closed!

Your tribe can be far more challenging than your enemies.

5 principles for making global disciples right where we are:

  1. Global discipleship starts with hearing. Disciples hear and obey. It is not about knowledge! God is speaking. Are you listening?
  2. We need to broaden the concept of the church. We spend too much time arguing about the different types of church (house church, congregational church, and global Church). The church is always defined by the fringes.
  3. Build discipleship into the every day fabric of life. No matter what your job may be, you can make a difference. Your workplace can be your ministry.
  4. Integrate believers and non-believers together. You cannot disciple someone unless you are engaging the world around you.
  5. Release the Body of Christ. Empower your people to serve! Don’t just serve the city, serve with the city.”
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