My Entrepreneurial Journey – An Interview with Jonathan Patton

Jonathan Patton joined us for an interview where we discussed entrepreneurship and discovering your calling. Jonathan serves as part of the team for My Entrepreneurial Journey, an innovative and interactive experience for entrepreneurs. From the website:

“Do you really have what it takes to be a successful and fulfilled entrepreneur?

My Entrepreneurial Journey‘s challenges and exercises—developed by master entrepreneurs who have proven themselves in the arena—will help you put that question to the test. And it will help equip you with the mindset and the skills you’ll need to take your first step toward that extraordinary level of success in business and in life that you’ve always yearned for.

With assistance from your Guide and Running Partner, you’ll tackle these challenges head-on, and track your progress at every step. Once you complete My Entrepreneurial Journey, you’ll be miles closer to having the skills, instincts, and habits of a master entrepreneur.”

Watch the interview here:

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