Is A Purple Country Possible?

The very purple United States of America – created from averaging presidential election votes from 1960-2004. (bradley_newman/

As we’ve been watching the election results and following the responses of friends and family, I cannot help but wonder : Is it possible we can actually respect those with whom we disagree?

So many people I love and care for have the complete opposite political views.

I don’t mean to sound cynical, but I think we put way too much faith and/or blame on politics. Don’t get me wrong, these public servants deserve our respect. Many great things can happen through political means.

At the same time, do you ever wonder if it really matters who becomes President? One side or the other always complains for 4 years or 8 years. Congress and the Senate seem to move so slowly. To pass any law takes well “an act of Congress” a phrase we commonly use to mean “a real miracle because it takes so long to make anything happen.”

I cannot help but think, whether it is a political leader or a spiritual leader, the best leaders mobilize the people. Real power doesn’t come from changing laws but changing people.

I mentioned this passage in Not Like Me, but I think it is remarkable the way the people of Nineveh turned to God and away from their wicked ways just before the King made a proclamation commanding them to do so (Jonah 3:3-7). The passage reminded me that often politicians are reactionary and true change must come from the ground up.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “With public sentiment nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed…. He who holds public sentiment goes deeper than he who erects statutes or pronounces decisions.”

How powerful would it be if we decided to create a better nation, a better world rather than waiting on leaders to do all the work for us or blaming them for all of our problems. We can make a positive difference, and they cannot do it without us!

Praying for our nation and those who lead us (whoever they may be).

(The image used above is from an article called Forget the divide: It’s time for leadership and innovation by Johnny F. Luévano Jr.)

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  • Kristi Gallagher

    Excellent! Thank you, Eric!

  • Michael Warden

    Spot on, bro. May we all have “ears to hear”!

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