Book Giveaways for December!

As always, we are grateful for the generosity of the authors and their publishers! This month we will have 15 winners as we are giving away 5 copies of 3 different books!

5 copies of Reckless Faith: Embracing a Life Without Limits by Kevin Harney

5 copies of Organic Outreach for Families by Kevin Harney

3 copies of Humble for President by Jeremie Kubicek

2 copies of Making Your Leadership Come Alive by Jeremie Kubicek

5 copies of my book Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World
(Check out for free resources for sermon series and small groups)

To win a copy of one of these books, send an email with the title of the book you would like to win to Be sure to include your U.S. mailing address in the email.

The first 5 people requesting each book will win a free copy!

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